Hiking improves cardiovascular health

The trekking it is an exercise of light-moderate intensity, recommended in cardiac rehabilitation programs because it improves the response of the heart to the effort, according to the Spanish Heart Foundation .

This activity provides many benefits to cardiovascular health because it increases the size of the cavities of the heart , the amount of blood in each beat, as well as the transport of oxygen and nutrients.

It also improves the capacity of general aerobic endurance and the specific muscle of the lower extremities; it promotes joint mobility in the ankles, knees and hips due to the variety of its terrain; increases caloric expenditure and combats overweight . But do you know what this activity is about?

The trekking it consists of traveling through country roads and can be done at any time of the year and on any terrain; It is one of the most recommended activities for all ages, because it takes place in a pleasant environment, there are not too many risks and you do not need great physical conditions to practice it.


Go for a walk!

Before starting the walk choose a route with the right distance to your body. Perform between 10 and 20 minutes of stretching and muscle strength work to avoid injuries and increase flexibility.

Although in principle it looks like a exercise simple that involves little effort, do not forget that walking can become a heavy activity for people who are not used.

It begins little by little and progressively increases the pace and distance until reaching the recommended half hour. Only when your physical preparation is appropriate do routes and crossings with greater distance but do it progressively.

Remember that you must wear comfortable clothes and shoes that protect you from the cold and heat. Do not forget to apply sunscreen to avoid sunburn, as well as lip balm, glasses and a hat.

It is advisable to drink liquids before and after practicing trekking and do not forget to keep company, which will make the path more pleasant and you will share the relaxing effect that contact with nature gives you.

It is very important that if you have any disease cardiovascular, you get a medical check-up before practicing trekking . If you feel pain in your chest, dizziness or sickness While walking, stop right away and consult your specialist. And you, would you like to go hiking?

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