High cholesterol and hypertension cause memory loss

Men and middle-aged women who have levels of high cholesterol and hypertension, are more likely to develop early cognitive and memory problems , according to a study of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Paris, France (INSERM in its acronym in French)

The study involved about 3,500 men and 1,300 women with an average age of 55 years, who passed cognitive tests on 3 occasions over 10 years. Subjects were measured such as reasoning, memory, fluency and vocabulary, as well as HDL cholesterol levels, total cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, among others.

The results indicated that people who had higher cardiovascular risk were more likely to exhibit lower cognitive functioning and a rate of global cognitive decline compared to those who had a lower risk of heart disease.

"Our findings contribute to growing evidence of the role of cardiovascular risk factors such as elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, which lead to cognitive problems that begin in middle age." The study further demonstrates how these risk factors heart disease contribute to cognitive decline over a period of 10 years, "he said. Sara Kaffashian, author of the study and researcher for INSERM.

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