Hepato-toxicity key issue in the day of liver health

One of the issues that most concern and occupy the hepatologists, is the toxicity that people are provoked in the liver to self-medicate or consume herbs or natural food supplements that damage the function of this organ, revealed the doctor Ruby Ann Chirino .

At a press conference, the expert on liver issues, said that this form of liver poisoning It is predictable, because it responds to the use and abuse of substances, to the overdose of herbs or natural products or simply to the combination of substance without guidance and medical control.

Chirino Sprung, said that liver toxicity represents 5% of all hospital admissions and 50% of all causes of acute liver failure , that is, a damage to the liver is fulminant; One of the main characteristics is the jaundice (yellow skin)

Within the framework of the National Hepatic Health Day, headed by the Mexican Foundation for Liver Health (FundHepa), the medical Margarita Dehesa , member of this foundation, added: "It is estimated that more than a thousand drugs and natural products have been associated with this disease. Therefore, it is important that patients when they go to consult, tell everything they take to doctors, because some substances, natural or synthetic, interfere with other chemicals and can cause serious liver damage.

In this sense, the doctor Enrique Wolpert , President of the Scientific Committee of FundHepa , he called for people not to self-medicate:

"In addition to the fact that the patient must tell everything he ingests to his doctor, both must ensure the origin and hygiene of the products and use only the patent medicines or the interchangeable generics, which are authorized by the Federal Ministry of Health ( Ssa) For more information, visit: www.fundhepa.org.mx

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