According to the psychologist Vanesa Fernández López Guilt is a negative emotion necessary for adaptation with our environment.

Some experts agree in defining it as a painful affection that arises from the sensation or belief of having broken the ethical, social or personal norms, and especially if one or more people were harmed.

Therefore in GetQoralHealth and with information from the psychologist Vanesa Fernández We reveal how to prevent guilt.

1. Identify Explore your interior and ask yourself why you feel bad and what you could do to feel better.

2. Express yourself. Let the people involved in your guilt feel your discomfort.

3. Excuse me One way to feel better and end the guilt is to ask for an apology before aggravating the problem.

4. Repentance. This stage consists of expressing not only words with a change in an attitude that is not very positive, but performing actions that support it.



A joint investigation of the universities of Ontario in Canada and Yale in the United States it reveals that the feeling of guilt makes the body feel heavier and as a consequence it makes physical work more difficult.

The researchers made each person remember an unethical moment such as lies, robberies or betrayals and compared the responses generated with participants who remembered something ethical; while others were asked not to remember anything.

Result. It was found that people who remembered an unethical situation were affected by a feeling of weight that did not allow them to perform tasks such as climbing stairs or carrying boxes.

As you will realize, you can earn more by leaning towards positive thoughts that make you reflect and reconcile with your environment. Success!

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