Heart disease

During the pregnancy the symptoms of some conditions may become more severe. However, we must not be predisposed to anything, much less be alarmed, diseases that can complicate pregnancy they can be controlled.

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According to a study published by Policlinico Tor Vergata Rome , Italy, it is common for women during the pregnancy present an increase in your blood pressure. It is important that the treating doctor keep it stable.

This could complicate the pregnancy but also these diseases:


Heart disease

Any condition of the heart must be maintained under medical supervision; During this stage, the woman tends to try harder, especially at the time of delivery. It can present arrhythmia and this would complicate the conditions of both the mother and the baby.



The lack of iron and vitamins in the body is an important factor. During pregnancy the amount of iron needs to increase between 18 and 27 mg per day. For that reason it may be common for it to present itself anemia .



It is a condition that occurs mainly because of high blood pressure. It is potentially fatal and affects approximately 5% of the pregnancies . It occurs more frequently in the third trimester of pregnancy , so it is necessary to stay alert until delivery.


It is known as diabetes gestates l. It is developed by some women during pregnancy and the symptoms of this disease worsen during this period. Insulin levels rise considerably because pregnancy hormones do not allow it to be processed in the same way.



In general, this condition is well controlled during the pregnancy However, when a severe asthma attack occurs, it can reduce the levels of oxygenation that affect the mother and the baby. Generally, medications to treat asthma do not show alterations.

It is important to go to medical checkups to prevent any of these diseases that can complicate pregnancy , in case of any, do not worry, all have a solution.


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