Hearing aids for the elderly

The Hearing loss It is a barrier to the lives of many people who tend to isolate themselves in a world of silence. Globally, more than 80% of the elderly and adults will develop some degree of hearing loss or pre-bias (sensorineural deafness), due to the normal degenerative process of the organism, which occurs more in men than in women in a ratio of 2 to 1.

In Mexico, 40% of patients with hearing problems are over 60 years old. At the National Medical Center La Raza, of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, there is a unit for the attention of hearing problems largest in Mexico where an average of 1,200 first-time consultations are attended monthly.

According to Dr. Jorge Eduardo Ramírez, Head of the Audiology and Otoneurology Service, chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, endocrine disorders or constant exposure to noise, predispose the early onset of hearing problems.

Therefore, it is recommended to carry out an evaluation of the ears after 40 years and, if there is indication to use some auditory assistant electric, this must be authorized by an audiologist.


Why attend to the minimum symptom?

If the hearing problems are treated within a few weeks of its appearance, it is possible to control them , but if you go to the doctor months or even years after they started, they will become irreversible.

The most common hearing problems in older adults are, according to Dr. Ramírez, the ringing in ears and loss of understanding of words , that is, the person listens but does not understand everything that is said to him, since it diminishes the ability to pick up the sharp frequencies of sound.

On the other hand, the hissing of ears, known as tinnitus, occurs by the wear of the otic nerves that stop conducting the sound with the same efficiency; It is a ruido similar to that of a pressure cooker and it causes anxiety and irritation in the elderly person, to the degree that they feel misunderstood, segregated and end up for not participating in society.


They think the companies in hearing devices

Several companies with experience in the prosthetic field recommend that the patient must go through an audiometric study and, from the results, proceed to select the most appropriate hearing instruments taking into account age, type of life or activities carried out .

Depending on the type of hearing aid that has been chosen, the specialist will take an impression of your ears to make the part of the hearing aid that must be installed in the hearing aid. ear canal . The person will go through a training that will allow him to improve his intelligibility.

The adaptation is an extremely important stage and it will have to include a series of tests that ensure the optimal functioning of the device. Every three months, the patient must perform a revision of the hearing aid, which will include cleaning, changing tubes or adjusting tones.

Many companies offer free maintenance of the Lifelong prosthesis . The latest models provide the best digital sound with a design that makes them virtually invisible.

Hearing aids are the most innovative solution to hearing problems, not only because they take care of their appearance, but also because they are comfortable and comfortable.

Video Medicine: Interview about Hearing Aids for the Elderly (March 2024).