Healthy teeth

When you think about cane , it is inevitable to associate it with the holiday celebrations, specifically the piñata and the Punch . But, did you know that eating it has Benefits in your health? Take note.


Healthy teeth

Help to keep them strong and healthy , in addition to preventing problems such as caries or other oral diseases , it eliminates bacteria and viruses . As if this was not enough, it helps whiten them


Energy punch

Have you felt more tired than usual? Eat cane, well this one injects energy and helps you to surrender a hundred in your activities, thanks to its fructose content. To recharge the battery!


No more cold!

Fight the nasal congestion Y reduces throat pain . Its antioxidants stimulate the immune system . Avoid that the "moqueo" hit you and enjoy a delicious punch with cane, a little did not you want?


Eliminate what your body does not need

His power diuretic favors your body eliminate what you do not need , which is why it preventsfluid retention .



Your dose of potassium places it as a digestive cash . So if on these dates of celebrations you want to eat more and not suffer later with stomach pains or indigestion , do not leave out your menu decembrino to the cane.

As you see, the cane is more than a classic ingredient of the punch. Get your benefits out!


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