Healthy products that accelerate fat burning

One of the most common problems of the urban population is overeating and consuming foods with a high caloric level.

Several studies carried out by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics , point out that foods with functional fiber better known as natural fiber, help us feel and stay satisfied for longer, apart from that they bring benefits to our health, such as proper functioning of the body, as well as maintain hydration and burn grease.

In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that 25 grams is the minimum amount of fiber that each person should consume daily:

Some foods where we can find this fiber are.


  1. Whole grains: oats, wheat, corn, rye, rice and barley.
  2. Fruits: apple, banana, pears, tangerines, plums and dehydrated fruits.
  3. Vegetables: Lettuce, Swiss chard, raw carrots, spinach, broccoli, artichokes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and green beans. Cooked vegetables are also a source of functional fiber; example: asparagus, beets, mushrooms, turnips and squash.

Another option we can choose is vegetable juice, which helps us stay hydrated.

Healthy products that accelerate fat burning

There are several healthy foods that keep us in shape and bring benefits to our health.

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services mentions that metabolism is an important source of transformation of calories into energy, so we have to keep it active all the time so that it works quickly and the food we consume is transported to all the cells of our body through the blood, to avoid problems of overweight or obesity.

Some of the foods that help us burn fat and speed up metabolism are the following.


  1. Cereals: Oatmeal is the best choice contains proteins and unsaturated fats.
  2. Fruits: like grapefruit, grapes, watermelon, pear and apple.
  3. Spices: Cinnamon, rosemary and oregano helps reduce appetite as they accelerate the metabolic process 20 times more.
  4. Green tea: reduces the ability to absorb fats from food and stimulates the burning of fat.
  5. Eggs: it is recommended to consume 2 eggs per day since the proteins they contain give us a state of satiety.
  6. Vegetable soup: it is a great ally in the daily diet, since it has low caloric content.
  7. Dairy: it is recommended that they be non-fat products, since they do not help to increase the feeling of satiety and that they are taken during the morning.