Healthy duo ...

It is said that the laughter it is the stimulus of the soul, but also of health. According to a study conducted by the expert Lee Berk of the University of Loma Linda , laughing repetitively can increase the same hormones that exercise.

However, laughter can have similarities with another activity, in this ancestral case: meditation. Although, what are the bebenefits of laughter and meditation?


Healthy duo ...

A study conducted by the Yale University suggests that people who practice meditation often are able to turn off the areas of brain related to ramblings, as well as psychiatric disorders such as autism and the schizophrenia.

Although they are easy activities to do, they have in common laughter and meditation. Here we tell you.

1. Brain. According to an investigation of the University of Loma Linda, when people laugh their wave frequencies are similar when practicing meditation.

2. Heart For Michael Miller, director of preventive and epidemiological medicine in the Center of Preventive Cardiology, at Medical Center of the University of Maryland, laugh 15 minutes increases the diameter of the blood vessels which improves circulation; a similar effect is had when practicing a physical activity ; example, meditate.

3. Analgesic A study published in the magazine Pain and funded by the National Science Foundation, points out that it is only enough to practice meditation three consecutive days, for 20 minutes to notice an important relief of the sensation of pain 24 hours a day. Laughter has a similar effect, as a study of the Oxford University, which indicates that people who laugh more are more tolerant to pain.

4. Free from anxiety. Experts of the Mexican Social Security Institute l indicate that laughing 10 minutes daily releases anxiety. An equal effect has the meditation , half an hour of this activity reduces levels of anxiety, as indicated by research published by the Journal of Internal Medicine.

5. Improve your immune system or. Laughter activates the protective T cells and increases the production of antibodies. On the other hand, conscious meditation positively influences immune system .

Laughter and meditation have different health benefits, but when combined with good nutrition and regular physical activity, they are essential to take care of your body inside and out. Try it!

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