Healthy attitudes?

The personality , that set of features that define you as a person, is intimately related to your immune biological responses, that is, how your body is prepared to deal with various diseases that attack the immune system, says a study.

According to the researchers of the University of Nottingham , the people who are extroverts have a greater capacity to deal with infections Y injuries , contrary to who they are scrupulous ; although there are also certain disadvantages.


Healthy attitudes?

For their study the scientific team asked the participants, healthy university students, to complete questionnaires of personality to evaluate features such as extroversion , scrupulousness and neuroticism .

Likewise, they took blood samples and investigated the activity of 19 genes involved in the defense against viruses and others in the inflammatory answer , which helps the body fight infections and accelerates the recovery of injuries .

The analysis reveals that people extroverts , from which a greater propensity to to get sick due to their constant interpersonal contact, they had a immune system more effective and able to deal with infections .  

The above is because these people had a high level of genes pro inflammatory , but this also generated the disadvantage of a higher risk of developing autoimmune diseases , indicate the experts.

On the contrary, people scrupulous , which in theory are more cautious and careful, presented a immune system little able to face such ailments.


To what is attributed?

Researchers raised the question of what influences what really, that is if the immune system is the one that intervenes in the behavior. And they say that it may be possible.

It is shown that small molecules, known as cytokines , are released from immune cells and apparently they are able to cross the barrier between the blood and the brain, therefore affecting the cellular activity of it.

So, for example, some cytokines can influence the production of signaling molecules in the brain, such as serotonin , a process that is important in the depression .

These results should be taken with caution, since they are not a solid prediction of how a person will cope diseases , but they give a new guide that should continue to be studied.

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