Health tourism offers wellness

The health tourism It is strengthened with the emergence of a new concept in hotels focused on wellness, physical and spiritual healing of its guests. The "Healing hotels" , are characterized by the personalization of each their therapies to offer their clients better care and healing.

The philosophy of this new concept is based on five aspects of the style of Healthy life : keep your spirits up, sleep well, focus on your body, live without stress and the care of immune system .

The main objective of the "Healing hotels" , is to educate their clients about caring for their Health Y wellness .

The buildings of these hotels are developed in natural settings of great beauty and tranquility. There are hotels in Australia , Bali , Glen , Costa Rica , and of course, in Mexico .

These hotels have a wide range of curative treatments such as reflexology , energy work, pilates , yoga , Qi Gong , meditation , ayurveda , massage craniosacral, Swedish, hydrotherapy , hot stones, as well as body wraps and facials.

In addition, it has swimming pools, gyms, spa, gourmet meals that are made with organic products grown in the local farm, among other activities.

If you want to change your lifestyle and heal your affections, this is a good alternative to relax and pamper yourself. Beware!

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