Health and safety after a hurricane

Depending on the seriousness and intensity of the hurricane , sometimes it is necessary for the population to evacuate zone and have to return when the emergency has subsided.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) of the US government makes some recommendations to return home and to guarantee the Health .  


  • Do not enter a building or a house if It smells like gas . Do not light matches or turn on lights
  • Wear waterproof boots and gloves to prevent floodwater from coming in contact with your skin
  • Wash your hands often with clean water and soap. You can also use a hygiene gel of hands
  • To prevent the tetanus or any other infection, seek medical attention if you have a dirty cut or a deep wound


Water and food safety


  • Listen to the announcements of the authorities to find out if the water in the tap is suitable for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing. Until you are sure that the tap water is suitable for consumption, use bottled water, or boil or disinfect the water
  • Do not eat foods that smell bad, look bad or have been in contact with floodwater. If you have doubts, get rid of the food

Avoid electrical injuries

  • Do not touch downed power lines. It is possible that they have current and could cause injuries wave death
  • If there is standing water, cut the electricity through the switch principal. Do not connect electricity, use power tools, or appliances if standing in water

Avoid contact with animals and insects

  • Beware of mosquito bites. Avoid outdoor activities in the night and early in the morning, since that is when sting
  • Stay away from animals wild or street
  • Follow your local recommendations on how to get rid of dead animals


Drive carefully

  • Stop and look both ways at all intersections. Drive slowly and keep a certain distance between your car and the others. Be alert for garbage that may be lying on the streets
  • Use the seat belt
  • Do not drive if you have been drinking alcohol

Video Medicine: Hurricane Season Part II: Safety tips during the storm (February 2023).