Heal your liver through your diet

Food and liver they are related in different ways, because everything we ingest needs to be detoxified by this body, special attention to nutrition and diet They can help maintain a healthy liver.

In this sense, the Mexican Foundation for Liver Health (FundHepa), through a press release, reported that between 85 and 90% of the blood that leaves the stomach and intestines, trigger important nutrients to the liver , which are converted into substances that the body uses:

"The carbohydrates are stored as glycogen (energy reserve polysaccharide) in the liver and released between meals, when the body's energy demand is high. This allows us to maintain a constant energy level. Otherwise, we would have to eat all the time. "

The Fundhepa, clarified that the liver has the unique ability to convert certain amino acids into sugar, to obtain energy quickly and safely, so that the fats they can not be digested without the help of the bile produced by the liver: "Bile acts as a detergent by dissolving the fat into tiny droplets so that it can be assimilated and absorbed."

Some recommendations to keep your liver healthy are: consume fruits and vegetables, drink natural water every day, consume very little fat, do not drink alcohol or coffee in excess, eat little salt, processed foods and say goodbye to refined flours. For more information visit: www.fundhepa.org.mx  

Video Medicine: Nutrition : How to Detox the Liver Through Diet (August 2022).