He sure can not come because he has to see the other ...

It is said that "love to hate is one step", and from distrust to dementia too. A study of University of Gothenburg It suggests that women who experience jealousy, anxiety and anguish have a high risk of developing Alzheimer's.


They are people with high levels of neuroticism, a propensity to hold negative thoughts, with expressions of anger, guilt and envy, "indicates the research published in Neurology


He sure can not come because he has to see the other ...

Now that you know what the consequences are, discover, if your jealousy is normal or sickly? In its capsule Neurosalud, the expert Eduardo Calixto it helps you find out


Control your mind not your partner


When it comes to unjustified jealousy, an open conversation can stop the overflow of bad thoughts on the part of the jealous couple, "indicates the psychologist Felicitas Heyne.

Although it is also important to learn to control jealousy. Here are some tips that will help you, with information from the psychology expert Helena Romeu!

1. Work to have a life of your own. Your partner should not be "all" your universe. A dependent relationship is not a healthy love.

2. Analyze your ideas. If you want to be emotionally healthy, begin to question your beliefs, you may discover that some are the product of past experiences and not of your current relationship.

3. Build a good self-esteem and personal safety. This step is basic. If you do not want and do not treat yourself well, how can you ask the other to do it for you?

Jealousy is part of the evolution of the human being, but in excess they are a disease. Do not let them decide how you want to live your relationship!

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