He has a I do not know what ...

Although it seems incredible, many women are attracted to homosexual men . For example, some would love to be Ricky Martin's partner, not only because he is manly, but because of the attitudes he has toward others.

As well as this one, there are other characteristics that make women and gay men , the perfect combination, says the psychologist Seth Mayers, author of the book Seth's Love Prescription: Overcome Relationship Repetition Syndrome. "Meet them!


He has a I do not know what ...


1. They share feelings openly

The clinical psychologist and collaborator of the Huffington Post details that women are themselves and have a more open communication with his homosexual friends.


2. They are very funny

The gay men They see life in a positive way, they are sensitive, intelligent and very creative. For women, being with them represents fun and joy.


3. There is no sexual tension

Being with them represents a safe space, where you do not have to worry about the time when you will have intimacy with him.


4. They share tastes and interests

Going shopping, talking about banal things or feelings without complaint, are experiences that make women feel attracted to homosexual men.


5. They devote time to their appearance

Just like women, homosexual men worry about looking and feeling good. Therefore, they can share tips or talks where they can learn from each other.

Another characteristic that makes women feel attracted to homosexual or gay men who are honest and say things directly. Therefore, most of the time they become their best friends.


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