Have fun with the exercise!

Do you think that exercise routines are boring? In you is the key to enjoy physical activities to your liking and reduce the possibility of abandoning them at some point.

According to a study of Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia It suggests that most people have an unpleasant idea just by listening to the word exercise, however, when they start to practice it they will be surprised to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, when it becomes routine it usually disappoints people causing them to leave it, so it is important to find motivators that make you enjoy it more every day, such as the following:


Have fun with the exercise!

  1. Videogames. If you are one of the people who like these types of attractions, it is your chance to acquire a game that encourages you to do physical activities.
  2. Social networks. Use your social networks as a motivator. Write your exercise plan to your friends and let your comments encourage you. Even on the days that you do not feel like practicing it.
  3. Motivation groups Some applications for smartphones, social networks or in your neighborhood you can find fun and social activities, for example: a yoga class in the park, hiking and biking. Join up!
  4. Make it accompanied. According to information published by The Huffington Post , when practicing exercise with a friend or with your partner you will have more fun and you will not feel the effort you make. Even, it can be a motivator for both.
  5. Music to your liking Make a list of your favorite songs so you can listen to them while you exercise. Try to be music that fills you with energy and leave the sad or calm to relax.
  6. Short trainings If you are one of the people who have little time to exercise, you can perform short but effective exercise routines that focus on the goal you set for yourself, be it muscle gain or weight loss.
  7. Combine exercises. Avoid leaving the most difficult exercises at the beginning or end, it is best to maintain a balance between those you like and those who do not make your session more pleasant and your performance more effective.
  8. Observe the results. When you realize your progress, they will give you more desire to keep exercising. In addition, with this you will increase self-esteem and motivation.
  9. Create challenges Most people like to be the best at what they are doing, so make challenges with your friends or family to make the training more enjoyable and effective. You can also establish a personal brand to try to overcome it all the time.
  10. Learn something new When you feel that your exercise routine is boring, try doing something different like learning pilates, yoga, plyometric movements or other activity that catches your attention.

An investigation of the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry , published in the Environmental Science and Technology , suggests that outdoor exercise generates physical and mental benefits for people.

So if you want to increase your energy, improve your mood and feel like exercising at all times, look for a pleasant environment to practice your physical activities.

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