Harmonic activity

Forever, the tango It has been recognized as one of the dances plus sensual Y complex ; today it has become an effective therapy to improve the Health physical and emotional, as it increases the capacity aerobics Y coordination It also prevents deficiencies cardiac Y physiological .


Dance tango benefits health because it helps decrease the cholesterol bad, prevents the type 2 diabetes and hypertension . It is an excellent training to improve strength, resistance Y muscle mass , preventing the osteoporosis , confirm the cardiologist Ricardo Comasco , author of the bookWith the heart in tango.

Various investigations, such as that of Washington University of St. Louis United States , highlight the advantages of practicing it, there is even a therapy based on this dance known as tangotherapy . Know some of its benefits in the following video of CadenaTres News .


Harmonic activity

The tango help to harmonize the body with the mind and emotions. It is effective to improve social relationships.


Ricardo Comasco explains that practice this dance two or three times a week favors the burns body fat . Likewise, it is considered a complete sport because the movements allow strengthen the arms , shoulders and back; for the work of the hip the waist .

Each of the movements, approaches and steps are effective to combat the symptoms of anxiety Y depression . On top of that, it improves the sexual activity .


The tango It's a dance improvisation , allows free expression of the feelings. It is an intense embrace practice with which they are released neurotransmitters Y neurohormones , which favor physiological and cerebral functions, affirms Federico Trossero, professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Rosario in Argentina .

This dance is intimate , connects to couples; allows the exchange Y socialization . For many more reasons, it would be an excellent idea to put it into practice. What do you think?

Video Medicine: Harmonic motion inquiry activities ///Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany (May 2024).