Harmful technology

In Mexico, 89% of people who have a mobile phone use it to send messages and take pictures or videos, indicates a project of the Pew Research Center . But, no matter how you use it, there are different ways in which the cell phone damages your life.

For example, moves repetitive you do to send messages they can cause you in the long run tendonitis , says a study published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation .


Harmful technology

But the effects on the Health do not end there, also at the social level, the excessive use of mobile It damages your life And to give you an idea we present the following problems that it causes.

1. It damages your back. Have a routine in which after working you use the mobile until you fall asleep you may end up in trouble neck Y back because it damages cervical vertebrae , it states Helena Johson , specialist of the Chartered Society of Pysiotherapy .

2. It causes visual problems. If you expose your eyes for 72 hours straight LED lighting of your devices, either your cell phone or tablet, would destroy 93% of the photo sensitive cells of the retina , reveals a study of Complutense University of Madrid .

3. It affects your relationships. The mere presence of a Smartphone on the table can make you unhook during the conversation with a person and hinder the empathy that you generate, thus affecting your relationships, indicates the study of School of Public and International Affairs .

4. It distracts you. Using your cell phone while driving multiplies by four the chances of suffering a accident at the wheel, in fact it is the most common cause of distraction between the drivers. The General direction of traffic , Spain, says that after using it, Attention general decreases.

5. Increase your risk of brain tumor. The use of cell phones is associated with an increased risk of glioma , the most common type of malignant brain tumor , but also the younger you started using it, the danger is greater, reveals a study published in Pathophysiology .

Maybe you can believe that you can not spend a couple of hours without your phone , but if so, remember not to put it too close to your face, have a position correct and use both hands to write your text messages.

These ways in which mobile Damage to life can become a serious problem if you do not start taking action on time. You, how much time do you use the phone a day?

Video Medicine: How Your Smartphone Affects Your Brain And Body (August 2020).