Harmful taking slimming pills

It would be excellent if a Chinese laboratory discovered a drug for slim down that is beneficial and that does not cause palpitations .

Upon entering my office some patients ask how can I lose weight ?, but in his look it reads: I suffer from anxiety, I need a pill to control my appetite . Willpower is not enough to control the call "Brain of Gordo" .

It is not easy for doctors to explain that there are lifestyles to decrease the anxiety And that's why the Fruta Planta pills are very popular among people looking for medicines to lose weight.

Only 1% of drugs are able to demonstrate having few adverse effects. Before reaching the public, they go through years of research to know their risks and benefits.

Not only do you need to know if they really work, find out if they cause Cancer , hair loss , diabetes , fibromyalgia , infertility or any other side effect is even more important.

The active compounds (in this case natural ingredients) are really fruits: lemon, melon, papaya or papaya, mangosteen Yspirulina (aquatic bacterium)

It is really difficult to find a scientific study on the properties to accelerate the metabolism of the lemon, the effectiveness to control the appetite of the melon or the side effects of the milky. Each medication requires hundreds of research papers, before being approved for mass distribution.

Ingredients of fruit plant pills

The effectiveness and safety of the "fruit plant" tablets could be analyzed according to the declared components, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA for its acronym in English) found that hiding several drugs and has not been investigated its use along with pills contraceptives , glucosamine, or levothyroxine.

Nor have Chinese pills been studied in patients with symptoms of hyperinsulinism, triglycerides or high cholesterol.

No medication can replace a healthy lifestyle to control anxiety, but taking medications without permission or supervision by the Ministry of Health is very risky. For more information click Here .

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