Habits that harm health

When they recommend protecting us from diseases, the first thing we think is to avoid contact with those who have flu,  coughchickenpoxrubella ormeasles , withvirus,  bacteria orgerms that can make theirs in our body; There are also habits that harm our health without another person being responsible for it, more than ourselves.

The World Health Organization (WHO) mentions that we must be prepared to face the panorama of non-communicable diseases, that is, those in which the lifestyle is fundamental to preserve agood health.

You do them?

1. Do not brush 3 times a day. Bad oral hygiene damages our health. A recent investigation published in theBritish Medical Journal reveals that people who do not regularly brush their teeth have a 70% chance of sufferingheart attack . The accumulation ofbacteria In the gums and mouth it is transported to the whole bloodstream, which causes heart disease.

2. To bathe with very hot water. Carlos Benítez Pineda , deputy director ofTeaching and Research of the General Hospital Dr. Salvador Zubirán , recommends that the ideal temperature of the water when bathing should be between 29 and 37 degrees Celsius, because if we do it with water above 38 degrees, the skin can suffer dermatitis atopic

3. Use perfumed soaps to bathe. TheHealth Secretary informs that perfumed soaps cause serious damage to our skin, since they dry and stretch it. It is advisable to use neutral soaps, as well as moisturizing creams to hydrate it.

4.-Do not clean the remote control . Thedoctor Tanveer Gaibi of Northwest Baltimore Hospital notes that more than 70% of the remote controls are full ofgerms that cause diseases; One habit we have is to eat snacks or cookies in front of the television. Imagine changing the channel and then putting a rich cookie in your mouth, spiced, of course, with somegerm ; the recommendation is to clean them regularly.

5.-Rest in bed with shoes . A study ofthe University of Arizona He specifies that each of our shoes, when returning from the street, brings around 421 thousandgerms . The professor of microbiologyMichael Schmidt of Charleston's Medical University of South Carolina He recommends leaving them away from the bedroom and walking around the house in slippers.

Now that you know five habits that harm our health, try to avoid them to reduce the risk of getting sick.