Habits that generate obesity and diabetes

Poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle and limited access to nutritious foods are some of the habits that generate obesity and diabetes between the population. According to the Ministry of Health of the Federal District (SSDF) the  obesity and theoverweight they are the main public health problem in Mexico, which occupies the first place worldwide in children and second in adults.


How does it affect your health? Theobesity and the overweight they are conditions associated with low work performance, different degrees of depression and low self-esteem. In addition to contributing to the development of diseases such as hypertension , cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory problems anddiabetes


The National Health and Nutrition Survey 2012 (ENSANUT) , points out that the prevention, information and control of diseases decreases habits that generate obesity Y diabetes , one of the main causes of death in the country, as a bad diet.


What consequences does it have on health? Thediabetes increases the risk of death from stroke, cause ceternity , is one of the main causes of renal insufficiency , and may develop symptoms such as tingling, pain, numbness or weakness in the feet and hands.


In order to reduce the risk of life associated with these conditions, Federal government puts into practice "National Strategy for the prevention and control of overweightobesity Ydiabetes ", It is expected to changethe habits that generate obesity Y diabetes in favor of health. The information in the video of Excelsior TV.


Incorporate physical activity In our daily lives, a nutritious diet and healthy habits improve the quality of life among Mexicans. Remember a healthy life is a matter of will, self-control and information.

Video Medicine: Childhood Obesity and Diabetes -- Teaching Healthy Food Habits to Children (May 2022).