Grief, the worst of diseases ...

One of the health problems facing Mexico, and much of the world, is the lack of awareness about the physical well-being and emotional that you should have. However, why does it give us pain ask about our problems to an expert?

According to a study ofl Pew Internet & American Life Project, 83% of Internet users have searched online for health information and more and more people are using their cellphones to find information on that topic: 29% of cell phone owners are between 18 and 29 years old.


Grief, the worst of diseases ...

When we get sick what we most want is healthy, then why not ask the questions that will help us to recover our health. Here we tell you some of the questions that many of us feel sad about.

1. Is my body anatomically normal? The specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, Lourdes Cardona, notes that because of the images and stereotypes many people come to believe that their body It is not normal.

2. Is it wrong to have many sexual partners? They are sorry to accept their sex life.

3. Can I infect my partner?

4. Can anal or oral sex damage my health?

5 . Can you have sex during treatment? This if the procedure is local.

6. Can I be pregnant? What are the symptom ? According to a study conducted by Yahoo These are the most sought after questions on the internet.

7. I'm depressed?

8. Can I have problems with heart ?

According to the expert Lourdes, many people do not like to ask or go to an expert forthe fear to discover that they have a serious illness. However, remember that your health is something that is always in your hands, and that is why it is good that you do a general check-up twice a year.

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