Green tea vs cancer

The properties of green tea, consumed at least three times a week, reduce the risk of cancer in older women and a lower risk of colon, throat and stomach cancer , according to an investigation published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

According to him Shanghai Women's Health Study , disseminated by Reuters , researchers found that of the total Chinese women who participated, who drank green tea on a regular basis had 14% lower risk of developing cancer in the digestive system, colon and throat , compared to those who did not drink it daily.

Some experiments with mice had already shown that breast and prostate tumors could be reduced with this type of tea. However, the study of specialists of the Ohio School of Medicine , published in the magazine Nature , check that an ingredient of green tea can inhibit the activity of urokinase, an enzyme that cancerous tumors to reproduce.

In particular, in green tea, the catechins remain intact and one of them, called EGCG, is able to inhibit the operation of urokinase and thus stop the proliferation of urokinase. cancerous tumors .

The great advantage of the EGCG catechin that contains green tea is that it does not cause toxic effects in the body, so daily consumption of this beverage has greater benefits.

Therefore, in the University of Murcia There is a research group that develops new drugs based on the structure of tea catechins, particularly against the melanoma, skin cancer more aggressive than there is.

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