Green tea could prevent cancer

The sheets of Green Tea contain a mixture of substances, including compounds antioxidants known as polyphenols that could offer some protection against diseases such as Cancer , cavities , Parkinson Y cardiovascular diseases , reported through a press release, The Mayo Clinic .

1. Cancer . The Green Tea could help avoid the gastric cancer , pancreatic , of bladder and of ovary . The investigations carried out by the Mayo Clinic team indicate that the reason would be for the amount of catechins it contains (flavonoids that seem to have a recognized anticancer activity) or polyphenols, which contain substances to combat the Cancer and promote health. The Green Tea , especially, it is rich in catechins

2. Cardiovascular disease . Green tea could decrease the cholesterol and the triglycerides . In addition, it has been linked to black tea and to green with less risk to heart attacks Y cerebrovascular accidents

3. Cavities . The Green Tea destroys the bacteria that can contribute to cavities . In addition, it helps prevent the formation of dental plaque

4. Parkinson . The caffeine present in tea helps to avoid this type of disease or to slow down its development, possibly because it increases the mental agility or the capacity of the brain chemical known as dopamine

According to Mayo Clinic, the properties and benefits of this type of tea are better when consumed naturally, so if you decide to buy it in a can and / or bottle, they recommend that you be careful with the amount of sugar, for its high caloric value and little nutritional contribution. For more information visit:

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