Grapes vs. cardiovascular diseases

Eating grapes (12 a day, purple or green) reduces the risk of suffering diseases cardiovascular diseases, mainly ischemic heart disease Y atherosclerosis because they contain a substance called "flavonoid "That helps clean the blood in the arteries and prevents the formation of plaques cholesterol .

The pigmentation of the grape skin is the one that contains the properties cardioprotective , so the darker it is, the more flavonoid will have. If the fruit is included in the diet daily, it is done exercise physical and avoid excess junk food, the effect will be better.

However, specialists mention, it is not advisable to exceed their daily consumption, since in excess they can raise triglycerides and uncontrolled sugar levels, especially in diabetic patients.

It also has properties anticancer , because it helps "catch and control the excess free radicals ", Substances that have been linked to the formation of tumorations malignant, and although we have them in the body in large quantities are harmful.

The consumption of this fruit "does not give magical benefits"; it is necessary to maintain a comprehensive program of nutrition and of exercise permanent physical: consume foods low in animal fats, vegetables, cereals and fruits, meat in small quantities (without chub, skin, nerve and fat) and drink two liters of water daily.

In addition to practicing some sport, at least a daily walk of 20 minutes to strengthen and oxygenate the muscle cardiac.

The specialists comment that studies have been done that show that the Red wine of black grape, in a moderate consumption (no more than one glass a day) contains enough flavonoids Y antioxidants to reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease.

However, the most advisable thing is to consume the fresh and unprocessed grapes, since the wine contains alcohol . The flavonoids contribute to raising the cholesterol good and to lower the bad, and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaque . In patients who already suffer from atherosclerosis help the damage does not advance further.

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