Goodbye to toxins

In season hot , holidays and costumes of bathroom , it is normal that we worry a little more about the aspect of our skin in areas what is easy neglect during the winter, like the thighs, the hip, the buttocks, the upper part of the arms and the stomach.


The skin misses firmness naturally with the passage of time, however there are other factors that can accelerate or worsen the process, such as bad diet , lack of dream or the excess of alcohol and the tobacco .

It is important to remember that you need to make a integral change to achieve results real. The ideal is to work from the inside out, that is: combine a diet , correct and exercise with additional care, like a good moisturizer.


Goodbye to toxins

A diet , suitable for individual needs, that is varied Y balanced is basic to combat the lack of firmness in the skin .

You must include enough fruits and vegetables, foods rich in fiber and with an adequate profile of fats , as well as foods that give us the amount of proteins what our body requires Also, a good hydration It's fundamental.

Make each glass more refreshing and attractive Water is not difficult. One option is to add lemon , cucumber Y mint . The proportion of these depends on your preference.

The recipe Basic is half a cucumber, a lemon and between 10 and 12 mint leaves in 1 or 2 liters of water. Tip: Empty the ingredients in the water, not the other way around, to improve the flavor.


Since the main objective is to eliminate toxins of your body, it's also a good idea limit the consumption of alcohol Y tobacco , since smoking can break the collagen in you skin and slow down the circulation of the blood .

The positive side is that, once you stop doing it, the cell repair start immediately.


Activate your circulation

The exercise It is essential because it helps the circulation of blood, that is, the arrival of oxygen at cells .

Three sessions of cardio of half an hour each week are enough to make a change, and your options are varied: from run or get on the bike , until a routine that includes squats Y dumbbells .


Protects, moisturizes and firms the exterior

Finally, there are two things that do not can skip When taking care of skin of your body: Solar protection Y wetting .

The skin all right hydrated luce cool Y lively , so it is recommended that every day use a body cream. You can prefer those that contain seaweed Y botanical extracts , in the market there are some that can help you as St. Ives Firming .

The hurt by rays solar destroy the collagen and the elastin of the skin , so that the application of a sunscreen , with FPS15 At a minimum, it should not be limited to your face.

your neck , just like any other part of your body that may remain exposed to the Sun , also what needs to .

Doing these settings in you style of lifetime , you'll be ready to look amazing and feel comfortable all summer. Try it!

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