Goodbye to the rebound and anxiety ...

Mexico, like much of the world, is fighting an enemy that is gaining more and more ground: obesity and overweight. According to figures from the National Survey of Health and Nutrition (ENSANUT) , 7 out of 10 people in the country suffer from one of these two conditions. However, science could reverse this.


Unique procedure, the balloon Obalon, was born as an option to help people with overweight (of 5 to 15 kilos more) to eliminate those "kilitos" that they have not been able to reduce with diets. This method, besides generating a anxiety early, contributes to a primordial objective at present: to change a lifestyle, "he says in an interview to GetQoralHealth Rafael Álvarez Cordero, bariatric surgeon and founder of the Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases.

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Goodbye to the rebound and anxiety ...

This is the first and only balloon ingestible through a capsule that allows a very simple placement in the stomach . The placement of the ingestible balloon is easily done in the doctor's office, taking an estimated time of 10 to 15 minutes, without requiring anesthesia or hospitalization.


Approximately the people who have tried lose weight , and opt for the balloon procedure, they have tried between 28 to 32 methods and diets without a lasting result, "says Álvarez.

The balloon has two characteristics that make it an element for lose weight : it is not invasive (it does not require surgery), and it has an exercise plan and a series of consultations to control and improve the patient's diet.

Also, with this process, no rebound is experienced, since weight loss occurs in a controlled manner and without jeopardizing any aspect of health.


patients lose approximately 8.2% of their total weight and 48.9% of excess weight in a period of three months of treatment with the ingestible balloon, "says Álvarez.

The best way to have a healthy weight is to enjoy the foods in moderation, but above all activate our body. Regular exercise allows the metabolism to burn calories (even in a resting state). Beware!

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