Goodbye to annoying cold sores

The herpes labialis or oral herpes It can be very annoying Imagine all these sores painful in the mouth, gums, lips and the inside of the cheeks.

In addition to these physical discomforts, symptoms like fever Y muscle pains , due to these injuries. If you think that it takes a lot of time, effort and medicines to relieve canker sores, you are wrong.

It is really very easy to administer first aid for the herpes labialis , but even if it is so easy, you should avoid it as much as possible, because there are some additional risks that go with it: damage to vision and the Alzheimer's .


Cold sore

For this, it is advisable to use benzocaine , as a remedy for cold sores because their anesthesia agents, reduce discomfort. However, this does not help to cure the sores in a faster and more effective way, although it is still recommended to relieve pain, as well as Ice bags Y tea .

Ice is effective in reducing swelling and even sores and tea bags fight the virus. If you have inflammation of the glands under the jaw, headache Y fever , it is advisable that you go to your doctor to eradicate these uncomfortable symptoms.


Herpes cure

First, you must clean the mouth ulcer , because if you get rid of the virus herpes simple, the less likely it is to infect other parts of the body. You can do this using a cotton ball or fabric with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol.

Apart from cleaning the sores , you can also use the gel aloe vera , or preferably with the leaf of the plant. If you can not find it, use a hot tea bag with mint. After 10 to 15 minutes, apply zinc gluconate or zinc sulfate. Follow these first aid tips and say goodbye to the annoying herpes labialis .

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