Good or bad decision?

At last! Approaching holidays and the only thing you expect is that the day arrives to immerse yourself in the pool. Everything is joy until you realize that something will come to ruin your plans: the menstruation .

Since you do not want this to happen, you look for the form of delay your period And the good news is that you can. The most effective is the use of pills , say specialists from Mayo Clinic, But before starting the treatment, it is important that you know what happens in your body.

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Good or bad decision?

By delaying the menstruation With extra doses of hormones, you alter the nature of your body, so it is normal to react with some side effects that will make you think if it is a good decision.


You feel inflamed

The pills contain progesterone , a hormone that prevents the detachment of the endometrium and thereby delay your period. This substance favors the retention of liquids and makes you feel like "balloon".


You can develop blood clots

If any of your family members have thrombi and tartar formation birth control pills without medical control, you could develop blood clots .


You feel nauseous and you get acne

The main cause is the "hormone pump" that you incorporate into your body. They are natural defense reactions.


Your breasts become more sensitive

They will also grow slightly during the first days when you take the pill .


You gain weight

It is common since the pills have high levels of the hormone called estrogen , which is responsible for cell growth.

Another aspect that you must take into account are the mood changes: you can be very happy and at the second feel a deep sadness or an explosive anger.

It is a fact that your body changes when you delay the menstruation , that is why it is important that before taking any pill , go with the doctor to choose the most appropriate for your body.


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