Good beer for the health of your bones

If today you plan to celebrate, a good option to do it is to take beer . According to an analysis made to more than 100 commercial beers, Drinking beer is good for your bones , publishes the scientific journal Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.

It was found that a beer contains one rich silicon diet , a key element for bone health . The silicon It is a fundamental mineral in the diet of humans, since it is involved in the formation and development of cartilages and bones.

Take two beers equals 30mg. of the nutrient, and although there are no specific recommendations about how much silicon should be consumed daily, researchers range between 20 and 50 mg per day. However, other studies indicate that more than two alcoholic drinks a day cannot be beneficial to health.

Charles Bamforth , leader of the study at the University of California, comments that the message for the casual drinker would be "choose a beer that you like and take it in moderation ”.

Source: Live Science

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