Goat milk vs cholesterol

Goat's milk is a milk made mainly of water with a low caloric intake, because it has a large amount of carbohydrates and fats, as well as fatty acids that help control the cholesterol levels in the blood.

Regular consumption of goat's milk, according to bionatural.es, helps to decrease the cholesterol because it contains fatty acids with the unique metabolic peculiarity of limiting fat deposits in body tissues.

It contains very low levels of lactose and casein , compared to cow's milk, in addition to its proteins and fats are smaller, so they are digested by enzymes more easily and a good alternative to the lactose intolerance .

It is one of the most balanced milks because it also favors the assimilation of proteins and minerals, as well as providing almost all the essential amino acids for a good functioning of the organism.

Goat's milk is whiter than cow's because of the absence of carotene, a vegetable pigment that gives an orange or yellowish color to some foods that, in the case of milk, pass to it through the feeding of the animal .

In the case of the goat, it completely transforms the carotene into pure vitamin A, which is colorless and therefore does not give it any shade.

Therefore, goat milk is a food with a multitude of nutritional properties that can be very beneficial to help prevent and combat respiratory diseases, anemia, osteoporosis, skin and respiratory tract.

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