Go crazy!

There are kisses to kisses. They can be very romantic, passionate or wild, but what is certain is that there is kisses that drive men crazy and is proven by science.

A study by Rutgers University, in New Jersey United States, the perfect kiss for a man should be wet, laden with saliva and with the mouth wide open by women.


Go crazy!


You do not need to be an expert to give these kisses that drive men crazy It's all a matter of feeling confident and knowing what to do. Take note!

1. Look him in the eyes, take your eyes to his lips and slowly bring them to his.

2. Tilt your head gently so you have a chance to take a breath.

3. Go on like this but run your hands through her hair and touch the lobe of her ear.

4. Increase the intensity of the kiss by opening your mouth a little more and gently touch your tongue with yours.

5. Let yourself be guided by the rhythm that he marks and focus on all the sensations that connection produces.

To make this kiss even more passionate, he gently bites his lips and tries to make them towards the commissure, as there are more nerve endings concentrated there.

With these kisses that drive men crazy , surely things will get hot so enjoy the moment and leave a mark on it.



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