in favor of cycling

In order to generate Healthy habits and encourage physical activity and the exercise , GetQoralHealth the portal of healthy life, adds to the efforts of the program Move on a bike, event organized by the Secretary of the Environment of the Federal District .

The goal is for children, teenagers, adults, parents and seniors to have a comfortable time every Sunday through the practice of cycling or by means of a walk; both are a good option to strengthen yourjoints , improve your circulatory system and be fit.

Mexico ranks first in overweight Y obesity . Therefore, it is essential to change certain behavioral patterns to be better and optimize our quality of life. Walk in bike It is an alternative to achieve it.

According to the study Health and Bicycle, published by the Health Center of the German University of Sport (DSHS), ridingbike It provides various benefits, such as decreasing back pain, strengthening the immune system , tone up the muscles and accelerate the metabolism .

In this regard, the doctor Froböse , president of DSHS, says: "Whoever practices bike It regularly saves visits to the doctor, drugs and even very expensive treatments. The results are palpable. People who suffer the typical discomfort of back pain, overweight and others cardiovascular diseases , could enjoy many years of good health, if they decided to use the bike ”.

For these and more reasons, we invite you to join the program Move on a bike of the Ministry of the Environment , It takes place every Sunday in Mexico City. Glorieta de la Diana Huntress from 08:00 to 14:00 hrs. We will wait for you. Be part of this experience!

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