Get your goals ...

The human body is always in motion, to go to work or making a physical activity , that is why having one good resistance is essential. This is usually obtained through conditioning the muscles to increase performance during the exercise.

Although the brain can be decisive for performance. According to an investigation of the University of Kent in Chatham, Great Britain , the prolonged effect on physical performance is as great as the muscular fatigue.


Get your goals ...

However, it is not impossible to achieve greater resistance . Here we offer three strategies to achieve this, with information from Erica Giovinazzo, certified dietitian and trainer of CrossFit in Brick New York.

1. Keep the balance. It's good to try hard in your workouts, but if you end up making a big effort every day, you might find thatto intensity with what you do it goes down more and more.

2. Little by little. There is time and a place to maintain a stable step, but if you really want to increase your resistance, then you must increase. To achieve this, he performs short intervals at full speed.

3. Increase. To develop resistance in the muscles , limit your recovery time to series of 30 to 90 seconds. It decreases a little the recovery time and the weight. Less resistance, more repetitions and breaks of 30 seconds or less between exercises it is optimal to develop it.

Remember to make physical activity Daily, at least 30 minutes, can help you improve your emotional health. Beware!

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