Get vaccinated against influenza

The low temperatures of the winter season generate respiratory diseases viral infections, which can not be antibiotics , so specialists recommend avoiding self-medication , go to the doctor and apply vaccinations against influenza , the pneumococcus Y rotavirus .

In this way, the Ministry of Health of the Federal District started the campaign vaccination against influenza in the Collective Transportation System (SCT) Metro, with the aim of protecting all people in this cold season.

According to Secretary of Health of the capital , Armando Ahued Ortega , noted that 300 thousand items have been applied against this disease .

The official added that this type of ailments have a rebound in this season, due to low temperatures and high pollution.

Remember that children under six and adults over 60 should be vaccinated against influenza , pneumococcus Y rotavirus (infants under one year), to avoid complications.

The following video explains the symptoms of influenza, as well as some recommendations to avoid the spread of respiratory diseases:

The doctors invite the population to apply the reagents and deny that they are harmful to health. And you, have you already been vaccinated?

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