Get inspired!

Rest is essential for good physical and mental health. A good option to achieve it is to visit places that inspire you comfort, relaxation and learn something to share when you return.

go figure have at your fingertips almost five centuries of history. That just by wishing it, it opened in your sight a world of beauty and comfort.


Get inspired!

The  former convent of St. Catherine of Siena , property of Fonatur, in which the Quinta Real Oaxaca Hotel , it's the option you're looking for. This building has seen a large part of the history of the capital of the state of Oaxaca. Hospedarte in this great construction is not anything.

The old convent was founded by Fray Bernardino de Albuquerque, with the name of the Monastery of the Rosario de María. Historical data show us that it began to be built at the end of century XVI and finished in the eighteenth century.

Meet the experience of walking through the wide corridors observing colonial works of art or virreinales frescoes in the lobby.

Located in the heart of Mexico , this exclusive jewel reflects the virreinal splendor of New Spain, Quinta Real Oaxaca is located in the downtown area 30 minutes from the Benito Juarez Airport and 1 block from the Cultural Center Sto. Domingo and the Tourist Walker where you will find the best galleries, museums and craft shops.

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