Get away from him!

Unfortunately, for many women the conclusion that they are with the "wrong person" It comes after a series of disappointments, in some cases after aggressions and continuous fights. Although this could be avoided, if one knew the "type" of man with whom a relationship is established and what is sought in it.


People tend to choose their partners in a similar way to how they learned to relate to their parents during childhood. If the relationship with them was healthy, balanced and satisfactory, they will tend to look for partners that provide the same, "says the psychologist Ana Muñoz, director of the Center for Virtual Psychology (Cepvi) .


Get away from him!

If you want to know what kind of man you should stay away from, here are some suggestions. Click here!

Although not everything depends on the type of man you want to be with, since there are other factors that can make your relationship conflictual.


The fears cause the other to end up behaving in the way you fear the most, and this way you can end up recreating the same kind of unsatisfactory relationship that was maintained in the step ", indicates Ana Muñoz

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