Get a good night's rest!

Do you sleep well at night? The quality of break that you have every day is reflected in your appearance according to a study published in the magazine Sleep , so it is necessary to know some tips to sleep better.

In the investigation it is detailed that when a person does not sleep Well, your eyes become inflamed and red and your skin wrinkles more. Meanwhile, another study mentions that sleeping eight hours favors a healthy and attractive appearance of the faces.

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Get a good night's rest!

According to Better Sleep Council, To achieve a restful sleep it is necessary to make a commitment to healthy and restful sleep. Therefore, it gives you the following tips

1. Create a relaxing routine before sleep like reading a book, taking a hot bath or listening to soft music
2. Transform your bedroom into a comfortable space. For example, let the lighting be adequate, have a comfortable temperature and be isolated from noise.
3. Choose a comfortable pillow and mattress. Choose the ones that give you the right support. If your mattress is more than seven years old, think about changing it. Pillows are changed every year, usually.
4. Say goodbye to computers and cell phones. Leave all electronic devices out of your room, let that space be just to rest or enjoy intimacy with your partner.
5. Exercise two hours before sleep
6. Avoid the consumption of caffeine, tobacco, alcohol , since they favor a restful little restful
7. Dinner two or three hours before going to bed .

To prevent the lack of break affect your body, discover more tips for sleep better and enjoy a better quality of life in the video that is at the top.

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