Geriatrics and health care

In these modern times, when there are medicines available for an infinity of diseases and every pain that one feels, there is still no one that replaces the attention and love necessary to take care of old people , especially if they are an important part of our lives.

While pediatricians are just looking around, geriatric doctors are very hard to find. The geriatrics offers specialized care in the maintenance of health and cure of diseases for the elderly. But because this kind of doctors are scarce , when you can not explain the sufferings of the elderly , it is usually blamed on aging.


Bad diagnosis

When you are sick, our instinct is to consult a doctor. But because there is a limited number of specialists in the elderly, they are often poorly diagnosed . Some people do not even consult a doctor when they see the signs of certain diseases of the elderly. They are often discarded, as a sign of old age .


The right doctor

If you can not find a specialist in geriatrics, what you can do is consult your GP . It is important that there is a person in the field of medicine who knows the Patient's history . That person will become someone who not only alleviates the pains, they will also be considered as friends and a familiar face for your patients.

Be old It does not mean that the person is sick. That's why it's vital to take care of them as well as to keep them active, because this is the time of their life when they need greater attention and affection .


Video Medicine: 50 years of Geriatric Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine (July 2024).