The pains in the body are a sign that something is not right. Sometimes we do not alarm for these symptoms and although they may not be serious, it is important to take them into account. The pain above the navel It is very common and it is important to attend to it in time.

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Some causes of pain above the navel are.



The gastritis It is a condition that occurs mainly in the upper area of ​​the gastrointestinal system.

This area is known as the mouth of the stomach; It is just above the navel.

The gastritis It is manifested by inflammation of the abdominal walls and the lining of the stomach.

The irritation in the area is what causes the pain above the navel which can be intense, this is caused by acids that interact in the stomach, bad eating habits or stress.

The complications of gastritis can be lethal, the main one is a hemorrhage caused by a ulcer .

That is why the importance of treating this pain and ruling out gastritis or treating it.



Although the appendix is ​​not found in that area of ​​the body, when a person suffers from appendicitis it is reflected with a pain above the navel .

In fact; many people can confuse appendicitis with gastritis, the difference is that the pain does not remain in that area, then it manifests in the area of ​​the appendix, that is; in the lower right abdomen.


Heart attack

Regularly the previous pains to suffer aheart attack they manifest in the chest, however; the pain above the navel It could be a previous symptom to suffer a heart attack.

It is a sharp and intense pain with a feeling of tightness in the chest and the area above the navel.

Likewise it is a pain that could be confused with a gastric problem in the esophagus, for which many people do not take it into account as they should.


Peptic ulcer

The ulcer It is a serious condition in the gastric system. It is a sore that occurs regularly in the intestine tube.

The pain above the navel Because of an ulcer it is very intense and sometimes it can be accompanied by vomiting.

It is very important to detect it in time to receive treatment, sometimes surgery is necessary, when the internal hemorrhage is abundant.

These are the main causes of pain above the navel , so the importance of taking it into account to solve or prevent it. We must take into account all the pains of our body; better safe than sorry.


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