Gastric lavage reduces intoxication

The gastric or stomach lavage it is a usual procedure in the care of Nursing and used for decades with the primary purpose of evacuating toxic substances of the stomach .

Its use is more frequent in the services of emergencies of hospitals, where poisoning Acute conditions may represent between 5 and 2% of the reasons for assistance, most of which are caused by accidental ingestion of home .

In the case of ingestion of toxic , it is effective as a measure of decontamination gastrointestinal However, an examination of the patient, evaluation of the substance ingested, amount and time elapsed since ingestion.

The most important method to prevent absorption it is removing the substance before it is acquired by the organism. Although the evacuation gastrointestinal It is more effective if done shortly after ingestion, some drug can remain in the stomach up to 48 hours after it.

The practice of gastric lavage consists of the introduction of a hollow, thick-gauge, multi-perforated probe at its distal end, which will be taken to the stomach to evacuate blood , toxic or any other type of substance through the irrigation and aspiration of small volumes of liquid.

To illustrate the technique a bit more, in GetQoralHealth we present a video about your technique:

Therefore, unless specific contraindications, a prompt gastric evacuation should be performed emesis or washed . Regardless of time, emesis is the initial gastric emptying procedure. The mechanical induction of threw up It should not be used because it is very inefficient and dangerous. Nor is it useful in the case of foreign bodies.

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