Garments suitable for seniors

For those who are interested in fashion, with certain problems of disability or autonomy, the gerontologist José de J. Valencia Rodríguez recommends using cotton clothes , both inside and outside. This fiber retains a temperature relatively stable and excellently absorbs sweat, urine or any body fluid.

Advises that for people with certain dependence, the garments are baggy and without closures. In the case of the elderly and the more autonomous, it is always advisable that they use the clothes of their preference or sports cotton clothing that can be used inside and outside the house.

The open clothes, that is, the one that is placed only putting the arms (first one and then the other) is also very convenient. In the case of men, lowering the trouser closure is part of a persistent conditioned reflex, so the use of this type of clothing is highly recommended.

The most important thing is to think that, for an older adult, dressing appropriately and according to the ambient temperature not only helps improve their self-esteem but also their daily life.

Due to the inactivity of many patients and the decrease in circulation, the temperature of elderly people is a little lower, however, this does not mean that they must be covered excessively, since they run the risk of condemning them to sweat covered in blankets and dehydrated.

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