Garbage causes serious health problems

In Mexico 84 thousand 200 tons of trash daily, of which only 77% is collected in a timely manner, 50% is available or recycle safely and approximately 57 thousand tons are abandoned in dumps, streets, vacant lots, roads, and rivers.

Garbage when exposed for a long time outdoors causes skin rash , Bad smell , proliferation of harmful fauna and in winter respiratory infections they get complicated because of pollution from air.

One of the main risks is the gastrointestinal diseases that are acquired, is through the contamination of food that is prepared outdoors near garbage dumps and caused by bacteria as the Salmonella .

In addition, trash thrown outdoors is a source of food for rodents, cockroaches and other insects that promote the development of diseases. Also the liquids that are spilled from the garbage, after its decomposition, are an infectious source.

Therefore, the population is encouraged to take hygienic measures and avoid the accumulation of garbage; likewise, it is important not to eat food on the street and, above all, not to throw waste on public roads.

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