Funeral mourning in the elderly

The reaction to lost of a loved one, especially the couple, at a stage of advanced age, usually trigger a series of behaviors strange, difficult to overcome and unattainable from the medical field.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the solution or a response, where the changed mood leads to a depression or personal neglect. More than a proper word or advice, older adults need physical contact and face contact (a hug, hold them by the hand, pat the back etc ...)

Witnessing the death of a loved one is an experience of loss and solitude critical for the psychic, social, physical and spiritual health of the elderly; The loss of the couple is a difficult adjustment because it involves a new position in the family and in society as a widow or widower.


Stages of mourning in the elderly

1) Initial reaction: the manifestations and their pregnancy depend on the circumstances of the death of the other person; if it was something that was anticipated, if it was a surprise or in a complicated or tragic situation.

The older adult may experience physical symptoms such as changes in sleep patterns; psychological effects with feelings of anger, guilt, crying, personal neglect or disinterest in the world around him.

2) Adaptation: the widower or the widow will begin to express thoughts of resignation and acceptance before the death of his partner. He will talk about his spouse in the past tense and reduce the emotion by talking about her.

As long as the older adult does not pass the first stage, it will be difficult to resume their lifestyle.


Support for the elderly duel

To overcome the first stage as soon as possible and get the lifestyle back to motivate the elderly, it is recommended: - Do everything possible to visit your group of friends, family members or, if you do not have them, look for some spiritual guide . - Distract him from the depressive routine by inviting him to leave or doing activities that include him with the family. - Do not reject the possibility of a second marriage, it is valid to look for a new sentimental partner.

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