Fulvic acid improves calcium absorption

A recent investigation of the Faculty of Chemistry of the UNAM , suggests that water with Fulvic acid improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals in humans . Another benefit of water is that it decreases the pain .

The Fulvic acid It arises from the mixture of organic material of leaves, plants and trunks that are found in the depths of the earth. It is characterized by being soluble in water and possessing a low molecular weight.

Due to minerals Y electrolytes which contains the Fulvic acid , the water is dyed black.

Frequent consumption of this water improves the problems gastrointestinal , remove toxins of the organism and reduces the effects of hangover .


It works as an agent anti-inflammatory because it inhibits the secretion of enzymes in affected areas, which reduces the pain . Stimulate the circulation Y coagulation of the blood .

Finally, it is important to mention that this black water is obtained from the spring of the Sandilan Forest Reserve in Canada


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