Fruit surprise

There are different end of the year rituals , some of them consist in welcoming a new cycle. A new period and therefore full of hopes. An example of this is the traditional 12 grapes, but do you know where it comes from?

Its origin comes from an extraordinary harvest that took place in 1909, in Spain. The peculiarity of this consisted in a surplus of this fruit, a situation that was not normal since it was living a moment of food shortages.

To celebrate this, the grape growers gave away grapes, which were consumed one Christmas. This end-of-the-year ritual was continued until today, symbolizing good luck for us.

For this reason we consume 12 grapes, one for each month of the year. With each fruit we attract not only prosperity but also hope for a future.

GetQoralHealth and The   Kellogg's Institute of Nutrition and Health They bring you a fresh and nutritious recipe, with which you can celebrate this end of the year and enjoy this food with tradition.


Fruit surprise



2 oranges in segments divided in half

1 apple cut in cubes

½ cup of seedless grapes, cut in half

1 banana in thin slices

2 tablespoon of orange juice

2 cups plain yogurt without fat


1. Mix fruit and orange juice in a bowl.

2. Sprinkle the Nutride cereal and mix a little.

3. Serve immediately with natural yogurt without fat.


Nutritional Contribution by Serving

Energy: 113 Cal

Proteins: 4g

Carbohydrates: 24.4g

Fat: 0.3g

Fiber 2.1 g

Enjoy this end of the year ritual in the company of the people you love.

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