From an early age, TA can be detected

The increase Y developing is usually associated with the quantity and quality of the eating of food . Nutritionists always emphasize the need to have a food consumption regimen around groups of basic foods and the food pyramids.

This means that, to ensure that you are eating healthy , your plate should consist of a dose of carbohydrates, proteins, some fat and dairy, and of course, vitamins Y minerals .

This is not a problem when you reach the age of maturity in which you recognize the fact that to live longer and happier you must follow a healthy diet.

But what about young people who tend to make a fuss every time they are called to the table for a good hot meal? Eating disorders affect people of all ages. Disorders of selective feeding can even begin from early childhood and extend into adulthood.

What does it take for the most young boys understand that they should eat healthy food to grow strong and well developed? The fact is that the disorder of the food selective can invade the lives of their children and this will make it more difficult to help them to follow an adequate diet.


The role of the senses in TA

Studies indicate that the incidence of disorder of the selective feeding, It usually occurs in younger generations with problems of autism and similar disorders. Those affected by a disorder of this type can only eat a limited list of foods. The best form of nutrition for those who have this disorder is based on the aroma and texture.

In this situation, the foods They are not labeled as healthy but as safe to consume. This causes the selection of food that offers the necessary dose of the nutrients that the body requires.

Although you can partner with others disorders of the feeding , these can also be caused by personal memories or traumatic cases. A good example is an incident of someone choking on a steak, after which all foods that need to be chewed are off the list.

The paranoia You can also be guilty while thinking how well your food is cooked or how clean it is. The senses play an important role in this disorder .

Since selective eating disorder usually occurs during the first few years it is easier to resolve.

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