Friendship, divine treasure

All human beings have the need to belong, and the family It is the first nucleus in which we feel that sense of rootedness. But nevertheless, make friends allows us to cope adolescence and the rest of our lives.

In the spiritual world, it is believed that children choose parents, because they represent the pattern we have come to overcome.

Together with our brothers, we learn to live in a relationship dynamic that depends on whether I am the oldest, the sandwich or the smallest of the family , the role changes within it.

We learn to develop social skills that we then perfect at school with friends and we realize that it is a different type of relationship, where I have all the freedom to choose from a host of possibilities (the well-behaved, the relaxed, the nerdy, the naughty, the funny, etc) and little by little we relate correctly, recognizing affinities.

The sense of humor It is one of the first things that attract us. Think about this: your best friends and you share a similar sense of humor. We live intensely experiences in youth that pair us with our friends; they are a very intimate and enriching part of us.

It is important to continue fostering these relationships even when we already work or start having a family, because these relationships are not exclusive, but rather it is about adding. They are very valuable people who have accompanied us in unique experiences and who will remain at our side.

Are you still in contact with your school friends? Are you still driving with the ones from the university? Have you made friends at your children's school?

All these relationships feed you and help you grow. Look for them, recover them, now with the social networks It is very easy and, if you do not have them, get back to a good group of new friends with whom you share, relax, laugh and recharge your energy to keep going.

A good friend is a treasure to be treasured. Sure you are also for someone else. Treat yourself for a while, have a coffee or just talk to them over the phone, you will see the good that makes you and how necessary it is. He loves you, Martha Sánchez Navarro.

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