Free yourself from negative feelings

When your partner leaves you the feeling of desolation is terrible. It seems that life is ending and the sadness mixes with the anger and the fear leaving us devastated.

We need to focus on the situation, each person is a teacher who enters our life to teach us something, we should thank the lesson and free the other forgiving us to ourselves.

There are words that repeated many times serve as balms healing We should not say them out loud, we should think them. There are several objectives, and they are highly effective. On this occasion, I give you the ones that are most useful to heal the pain of the farewell:

"Thanks for what you gave me. I learned what I had to learn with you. I'm sorry I hurt you. We are at peace, I let you go, I will follow my path with joy because I have forgiven myself. " And you, have you already freed yourself?

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