Free yourself from guilt

The children they are the soul of the house, therefore the deepest desire is that they are always happy and healthy , but unfortunately there diseases who attack them severely. The Emotional Support is essential to get ahead of one of the strongest: the child cancer .

Baltasar Madrid , general director of House of friendship for children with cancer , explains in an interview for GetQoralHealth , that in our country the medical care protocols for each type of child cancer they adapt efficiently to international standards.


Both in protocols and in access to medicines, Mexico is up to date "

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Free yourself from guilt

When the parents and relatives face the news that their little one suffers Cancer , the blow is devastating, because emotionally always that is associated with the death Therefore, in the integral treatment, it is vital that the emotions , explains Madrid.


The Emotional Support It is essential for them to find the strength they need to face a disease so long and so difficult, "he adds.

Upon receiving this support, a process of strengthening for the child and the family begins, which aims to make them understand that with determination , constancy and permanent struggle Cancer it can be overcome.

It is very important that everyone always maintain the conviction that they can move forward. The determination of both parties to stick to the treatment and to pay attention to his doctor , is what makes the difference in many cases.

There are certain points that in a treatment of Emotional Support they must work together: specialists, parents and patients. We share what they are according to the specialist.

1. Out blame. It is essential to understand that the situation is not responsibility from nobody, the Cancer has an origin multi-causal that has nothing to do with a performance or personal absence.

2. Open to the expert. They, by their specialization, can help find the necessary strength. Open to support for It is an attitude that must prevail within the whole family and involved.

3. Share Join support groups to share what is happening, how they feel and what their fears , help them find comfort Given the situation. Both parents and children should avoid at all costs isolate or lock yourself inside your sadness .

Baltasar Madrid mentions that we must share the paths together, although the explanations in the emotional support therapies for children they are more specific by their nature, the support of their dads is fundamental so that they can get ahead of a child cancer

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